What type of technologies should you surround your kids with?


Finding things for your kids is the most difficult thing that one has to do. One reason being that in today’s world kids are surrounded by way too many awesome things that we can’t think about. Gadgets, building kits, drones, robots and so much more. This gives a considerable advantage, where kids can be taught about coding, programming, inventions and creativity as they engage in play. That is why today we are sharing an article on how you can use the latest technology and be a part of your kid’s tech-savvy generation.


Kids love to be on hoverboards, the fun and thrill blow their mind. In the era of modernisation, kids are deeply consumed by the possibilities that the modern world holds in front of it. The action figurines now seem obsolete, and it is gadgets that provide the true meaning of life to them. So, get your kid a hoverboard that will be electronically managed. The one that will ensure full safety and security of your child. Your child while roll around in wheels. Powered by the motor, it is a source of delight for kids.

Laser X Two Player Laser Gaming Set.

This is an outstanding product for both girls and boys. The best of two worlds are brought together here. One naturally being technology and the other being the fact that it is an outdoor activity. The packet of Laser X Two Player Laser Gaming Set comes with two vests and two guns. What is it that needs to be done? Kids have to aim and shoot at the vest of the other player. Not only does it take care of the imagination of a child but it also keeps them active. Apart from that, kids love the sound effects in the game. It is not limited to two players more number of kids can join if they feel like it.

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Odyssey’s Pocket Drone.

Who needs a kite when there are drones? It can either come along with a video game or be pocket size. The list of endless drones is perfect for kids to choose from and play with. The drones manufactured today come with a video camera of HD quality. The size of which can vary and be as big as that of a smartphone. It can fold automatically. You can easily fly this drone for its auto take off and return functions. Try out www.couponhub.ca for exciting deals and offers at CouponHub. No other store can give out this kind of discount. So, be sure to try it out.


Yes, they are not cuddly and soft, but on the day of modernisation, Robots are the best way to solve any problem. They are the perfect and constant companion a child needs in his or her life. The Mebo Skyrocket comes with a camera and dually enables audio. It is operated from a smartphone. Now, your child will have the power to move around Mebo and see from its eyes and hear everything that it does. So, are you more excited about this than your kid? Mebo has the power to talk back too. How cool is that?

It is time for STEM.

The toys that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Your kid will never turn away from something that is as exciting as this. They are about to learn skills in every field that we just discussed. When kids start playing with toys such as LittleBits Gizmos and Gadgets Kit, they are learning way more than you can imagine.

When your child plays with the LittleBits, he or she starts to get interested in Robotics, Electronics and Science. Plus it is incredibly fun to build. This fully packed set comes with bits and tools that will encourage your kid to make sixteen different objects and monitor them. The tiny fingers that made the caterpillar or Rover can be brought to life with a few clicks from your phone. Accessories, building blocks(which can be re-used), and tools are present in the box.

Not all kids think alike or prefer the toys that someone else might. But, kids are extremely attracted to the modernisation of technology. They can’t seem to wrap their tiny brains over the vastness of this beauty. So, if you want to get your child something fun as well cool, then consider the list we just mentioned.

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