Understanding the Difference between Toner Cartridge and Ink Cartridge


Many of us now use printers of different types and all of us know that there are different kinds of printers; most commonly used ones are Inkjet Printers and Deskjet Printers. Along with these different types of printers, we have different types of cartridges for these printers too. These are the toner cartridge and the ink cartridge. For your convenience in future, today we will show you the difference between both these types of cartridges.

Firstly- The physical existence

The physical characteristics of Toner cartridges are that they exist in powdered form. Thus, being exist in powdered form, these kinds of cartridges are used with Laser Printers.

Secondly- Cost of Replacement

When it comes to the initial cost which is to be invested to get your cartridge changed, then toner cartridges in general are more expensive than ink cartridges. But does this become a downside? Certainly not! Yes, the initial cost may be high but the lasting time or the life span of each cartridge is more than that of ink cartridges. On a total study, toner cartridges in fact turn out to be a more cost effective product. It’s like petrol vs diesel, depends on how you use!

Thirdly- Capacity and Speed

Hands down, in both ways toner cartridges are again in the lead than ink cartridges. This is due to the reason that toner cartridges are used in laser printers. The laser technology any day is faster and more precise than that of the jet taking care of the ink. Thus, coming to speed, toner cartridges are ahead. If you study properly, laser printers can hold more number of papers at a time than inkjet ones and also the life of toner cartridges are more than the ink ones. Thus, from both ways, toner cartridges are ahead of ink cartridges when it comes to capacity.

Fourthly- The quality of image

Inkjet just cannot match the quality of laser. Yes, though there are some inkjets with terrific quality, but on average it is laser who wins, thereby, making toner cartridges again ahead of ink cartridges.

These four points are enough to make you know what you want. Plus, it totally depends on the printer you have. This was not a buying guide but just a difference between the two. However, if you are looking to buy cartridges, why don’t you check up with 123inkcartridges.ca? They are known to hold quite good products!

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