Tips to avoid damage to battery while charging the phone


Each battery has a limited number of battery cycles after which its performance takes a hit, and it starts depleting faster. A battery cycle can be calculated as one whole charge cycle from any point to hundred percent. Charging mobile phones now and then will result in hitting the final battery cycle number faster than usual and your smartphone will be consistently asking for a charge after that. shares some wisdom to avoid damage to the battery while charging the phone.

Keep your phone in a cool and dry place while charging

Almost every one of us has read this statement but don’t give much thought to it. It should be noted that the way the phone is placed is very important for the health of the battery. Therefore, it is advised not to put the phone in a hot place as it will result in draining the battery much faster. It is advisable to unplug the phone in a sweltering place which will do away with any chance of battery exploding or getting hotter. So, keep your phone in the kitchen away from burner, oven and other warm places to avoid damage to the battery.

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Use original charger whenever possible

One should make a habit of charging the mobile device with its original charger. The modern-day smartphone can be charged with any charge which has similar face type, but it results in affecting the battery performance adversely. Using the original charger or charger bundled with the device or approved by the device maker is highly recommended to save the battery from unwanted harm. If you have to buy additional or replacement charger then sure that the charger’s output voltage (V) and current (Ampere) rating is the same as the original. In the past couple of years, has come across several incidents where mobile users got their devices corrupted or burned due to the use of non-compatible or poor-quality chargers.

Fast charger isn’t always a good choice

We all need power, and with the phone, it becomes a challenge to maintain the battery power. Using a fast charger is smart thinking but always using it isn’t going to make better for your mobile device. Fast chargers are known to hurt the battery’s health. Quick charging process necessarily involves a higher voltage being sent to the phone’s battery in order charge it quickly which eventually results in the temperature rise. Therefore, opt for the regular charging cycle whenever possible. An increase in temperature can take an ugly turn very so rapidly while fast charging keeps a tab on your device temperature. In case it goes hotter then shut down your device and return it to the room temperature.

Do not leave your phone charging through the night

We all need our phones to be fully charged when we go out in the morning, but it doesn’t imply that you should be charging the phone through the night. Our smartphones are smart, and they can stop charging the device automatically once it reaches the full charge. But it still results in having a detrimental effect on the battery’s health and often is a significant reason behind the shorter lifespan of the modern-day batteries. advises its readers to stop overcharging the phone during the night instead opt for quick charge top-ups now and then.

Try to charge your smartphone to 80%

Don’t be adamant to charge your smartphone to its full potential rather make it a habit of charging till 80%. This will ensure that your battery remains healthy for a more extended period and last longer than usual batteries.

Let your device drain till 20% before you charge it

Before you charge, you should drain your device somewhere around 20%. It should be kept in mind that charging devices often and having shorter charge span can lead to shortening of the battery lifespan. You must not allow your device to lose the power altogether as it is also not going to help your battery in the long run.

Don’t save your money by buying cheap chargers

There are several ways to save money but buying a cheap charger isn’t one of them. Using cheap chargers from unknown manufacturers is a good option as they are less likely to follow the safety mechanism as done by the original manufacturer. Such cheap chargers are known not to possess protection against voltage surge, fluctuation and overcharging which are necessary for today’s needs. Even an adapter failure can result in bricking your device or battery altogether. will suggest you stay away from buying the cheap charger to safeguard your phone and yourself from harm.

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