Tiny clouds: AVery Fun Weather App For iOS


Planning yourself ahead is quite important, especially when you drive from home to work, have a trip or some other event that you can’t miss. So one of the things you may do is to check the city’s weather. Knowing the forecast allows you to choose the right clothes, right transport, right place and time.

But it’s possible that you don’t like watching the weather forecast on the television, or maybe you’re tired of boring apps that have no difference from the other apps you already have on your cell phone. If that’s your case, now you can have Tinyclouds on your iOS! This fun app will show you the weather forecast with a changing mini world.

The animation looks like Minecraft world and based on weather conditions, the city’s weather changes. Besides clouds and rain, you will notice in the mini world when it’s day or night.

The Tinyclouds gets an accurate forecast from the Dark Sky weather service. The service uses a high-quality technology so that you will know when it’s going to rain or if a snowstorm will happen, in the place you’re right now. The Tinyclouds app will show you the minimum and the maximum temperature for each hour of the current day and also the forecast for the other days of the week.

Exactly because of the fun design and easy-to-use menu, this app can also be used by 5 years old kids. And truth to be told, they just love it since the mini world is very similar to Minecraft. Actually, the whole family can share the app, according to the Tinyclouds page at the App Store for iOS devices, up to six family members can have access to the app. This is a very effective way to encourage kids to see learning climate details as a fun process or practice English.

There are some other good points about this creative app, such as:

  • It doesn’t require too much memory: the app size is just 27.4 MB.
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
  • The app language is English.
  • The price is just $2.99.

The price is also something to consider, for just $2.99 your whole family can use it and add different locations. This is great since many apps for iOS can be quite expensive.

This weather app has a recent update, with fixed bugs, so no more problems with loading, everything is working just fine! The Tinyclouds developer is already working on a version for Mac devices, so prepare yourself, it’s coming soon!

Get the app right now!

Stop wasting your time with boring apps, get Tinyclouds for your iOS today! Just visit the app page, chose the device and install it! A beautiful animation each day and accurate forecast exactly where you are: all of this is waiting for you. And remember, the app can be shared up to 6 family members, so everybody in the house will know what to expect for the day.

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