Three Excellent Reasons to Install A Wall Mount For Your Flatscreen Television


You might not find them in ever home, but flat screens are pretty popular these days. For both television viewing and computer use, flat screens are nearly as common as televisions have been for the past several decades.  These are thin, of course, and that makes them lighter than monitors of the past.  With televisions going completely digital, flat screens have easily become the standard within the industry. And, as you might have noticed, they are easily the best choice to support further innovation.

Indeed, the flat screen has been quite the excellent innovation in terms of home audio-video.  One of the best innovations that flat screen televisions offer, though is not necessarily the televisions themselves, but in the fact we can now mount them on a wall.

With that in mind, here are a few benefits to installing a Monoprice wall mount at


In the past, a television would sit on the floor (if it was big) or on a table or an shelved entertainment center.  This was convenient, but not necessary optimal in terms of viewing angle.  Viewing angle is becoming more and more important today, though, because digital televisions react to light differently than analog television and that means that you will often find there are proverbial bad seats in the house.

When you mount your television on the wall, though, it is easier to find the best viewing angle. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about different levels of sunlight creeping through different windows at different times of the day.


Mounting a television on the wall pretty much ensure that it will never fall.  Or, rather, you minimize its risk of falling to the ground.  Small televisions sitting precariously on a table—particularly one that was not necessarily designed to be a tv stand—makes them particularly vulnerable to an errant elbow or hip.


Flat screens are already pretty excellent space savers but when you mount them on the wall, you can use specialized mounts that extend away from the wall. This allows you to not only adjust the viewing angle (as mentioned above) but also to, essentially, “put the tv away” when you are not using it.  It is one of the best space saving investments you can make for your home.


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