The Old and New Ways to Smoke Cannabis


Thanks to innovation and technological advances, we now have several different ways to smoke cannabis, all with fewer health concerns than the older techniques. Today, cannabis smokers have an array of tools and devices at their disposal, each providing a different experience from the others and influencing the grade of inhaled smoke differently. Here’s a look at some.

Hand pipes

Also known as the dry pipe, the hand pipe is probably the most common of today’s smoking tools. In general, hand pipes are small, portable, and easy to use. Aside from the fact that they are favored for their convenience, hand pipes have developed into an artistic expression.

Dry pipes are available from leading outlets like CloudCultureStore in an endless array of creative shapes and styles, ideally designed to serve both functional and decorative purposes. These smoking devices trap the smoke produced by ignited cannabis, which is in turn inhaled by the user.

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Water pipes

Water pipes are available in slightly different variations, bongs and bubblers included. Same as hand pipes, water pipes come in a variety of forms and styles. Water pipes are considered the more advanced option because they incorporate water. While it’s true that water cools the smoke, its ability to filter harmful constituents remains uncertain. As such, the health benefits associated with adding water are contentious.


dab is defined as the product of an organic or chemical extraction performed on cannabis. Although Butane and Isopropanyl are the most commonly used solvents for this process, several others will work. Dabs are undoubtedly the new way to smoke cannabis.


Just like dabs, G-Pens seem to have taken over. This amazing product is all the rage because it can be used almost anywhere, which is exactly what users want. Smokers can use the G-pen to smoke cannabis just about everywhere without raising an eyebrow. You’ve probably seen people smoking one in smoking sections or bars.


When it comes to smoking cannabis, hookahs are one of the less common smoking devices. In fact, the hookah is more commonly associated with wet tobacco (shisha). People don’t usually use hookahs to smoke cannabis alone since the plant’s low water content causes it to burn faster than it should. Aside from the fact that smokers get to inhale a very small amount of smoke, this method often results in an acrid taste.

Wastage is the most prominent concern for economically-conscious smokers, particularly because they will need large quantities of cannabis to get the same results as the other smoking techniques.

Although sandwiching cannabis between tobacco seems to be the best solution, it introduces some of the health concerns associated with blunts. Even so, the hookah allows multiple users to smoke simultaneously, which might change the smoking experience.


For moderate, experienced and health-conscious smokers, a vaporizer is probably the most logical choice. Vaporizers heat herbs to a temperature that’s sufficiently high for the extraction of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids, but too low for the release of potentially harmful toxins. Apart from offering a significant reduction in odor, vaporization is known to reduce smoke-related health risks as well.

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