Step by step guide for Archiving solution


An Archiving software is specially designed for long term storage. The stored information may be in form of an email, documents or other files stored on network file system, email servers, database and websites.

The Archiving software helps you to get a modern method of archiving function.There are many types of archiving software. The type of software depends on its function. Here’s a complete Guide to Archiving Solutions from MLtek.

Compression tool archiving software is used to provide the facility to compress many files and folders into one file or more depending on its compression ratio. Many operating systems provide compatibility with dot Zip files. WinZip, 7zip, IZArc, WinRar, PeaZip, Gzip and Bzip2 are the other types of Zipping files creators and help you to read the compressed files. It helps you to extract them and also create compressed folders in need. This software is compatible with different versions of Windows and Linux. You can try the free versions of most of this software but the bought one has a lot other feature.

Microsoft has suppressed business email mail by creating outlook. The outlook has been the standard choice of the business person to handle business mails although there is other alternative like MDaemon from Zen Software Ltd. Most of the people prefer to use Outlook account too which is also integrated with the Microsoft account.

There are has been a lot of solutions for Exchange Archiving Solution but none of then worked as best as Microsoft Exchange Add-on Archiving.

Intradyne is another archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange System. It is expensive as it costs nearly around $4000 for 100 users and $1000 for a year in support. The next one you can use id Mimecast Exchange Clod Email Archiving which has an excellent reputation in the industry. It’s been a year since the solution came in the market. Sonasoft is another archiving solution for Exchange Servers.It also has an integration with Microsoft and Outlook and has many look alike features.

Now coming to file server archiving.Most of the companies charge high for documentation management and charges per GB storage. File system archiving solution provide automated processes through unstructured data and transfer it to file storage, TFS or cloud base bulk storage.

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