Reputation Management Takes A Hit By Presidential Election



ORM companies have been overwhelmed by the amount of people who have been posting publicly on their social media accounts following the recent 2016 US presidential election. Online users have lost sight of the fact that whatever they post is never completely forgotten, deleted or gone. Many online users took the opportunity to express their political views through humorous memes, photos, statuses, and other forms of posts. Their slanderous posts have been offensive to other online users who support other political parties. An ORM company stated that this political election has generated some of the most hurtful and heated online arguments amongst people supporting different politicians. Trump and Clinton have had their differences and their voters have supported them intensely and in turn have put their own online reputation management efforts at risk. When it comes to your reputation management, you need to be very careful about what you put online as it may not effect you immediately but somewhere down the road someone may find something that you have posted and find it incredibly offensive. Political views are best to be kept to yourself to avoid any messes with your online reputation management. ORM services are completely useless if you find yourself posting personal views regarding current political debates and elections.

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If your online reputation management has taken a hit due to the intensity of the recent presidential debate, then you may want to find an ORM service that works best for you. Following the results of the election, many people in United States found themselves fired after ranting through social media. They were accused of being racist in some cases and were terminated for such online composure. ORM companies are now facing the task of cleaning up people’s online reputation management messes.

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