Record webcam video for friends and family with Movavi Video Editor


When we are far away from near and dear ones, we miss out on sharing our special moments together. Let’s say your birthday is coming up and you are sad for not being able to share your birthday celebrations with your parents and siblings. But then, not to worry- you can now easily record your birthday party on your webcam and send it to your parents with the help of Movavi Video Editor. Top software development company Movavi has released a state of the art video editing program which can also function as a smart webcam recorder.

The post below is a brief on how you can record a webcam video with the Movavi program.

Download & install

The first task is to download and install Movavi Video Editor in your system.

Start webcam recording

Go to program window and look for Record Video tab. Click on it.

Click on Start Capture tab and it will commence the recording. After you have captured the needed live footage, click on Stop Capture to stop the recording.

Edit your video

Do you need to edit your video? You may wish to add text or make things more dramatic with background audio.

To do that, click on Back to Editing. It will open up main Editor window & your recorded video will be immediately shifted to the Editor Timeline.

The Movavi Video Editor allows you to customize your video in various interesting ways. You will be able to add text captions and spice up the whole recording with special effects. For example, for special moments (like cake cutting scene) you can use the Slo Mo effect. Then, the Movavi Editor also enables you to add another video file to the main video.

Convert your video

If you want to convert the video into some other format, click on Export and choose the desired format. Then, click on Start to begin the conversion.

Features of Movavi Video Editor

  • Helps to improve overall quality of video
  • Edits, trims and adds clips to videos
  • Comes with vast array of special effects, filters, transitions
  • Helps to add titles and captions to video
  • Supports all popular media formats and mobile-friendly presets for easy conversion of video

Useful tip for users:

Before you start capturing your webcam video, it’s better to select the destination folder. It’s the folder where your recorded video will be saved after the recording is being done. If you don’t choose the destination folder beforehand, the video will be saved in Movavi library and you will again have to search & find it from there.

To select the destination folder, click on Save files to and it will enable you to specify the folder in your system where the file will be saved.

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