Kroger Made A Right Decision After Joining Hands With AvaLAN Wireless


You might have heard a lot about AvaLAN Wireless. This industry leading developer has gained name as manufacturer of secured networking solutions for C-store, fuel center industry and large retail. These products are primarily enabling affordable wireless and wired connections in remote locations or perimeter. Now, this company has joined hands with Kroger, a Cincinnati based company, all set to give this company their 10,000 fuel dispenser for secure EMV upgrades. With high speed solution and high power for next generation dispenser, this company has already worked with multiple other firms before taking up a project from Kroger.

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Providing continual service:

The team from AvaLAN worked with the corporate technology team from Kroger and Dover Fueling Solutions to learn more about the application and offer quality results. Other than offering high speed and power, this company is able to create some customized services and upgrades to its existing EMV connectivity products, to match Kroger’s technical requirements and safeguard EMV PCI data for the company. The continual enterprise management solution from AvaLAN comes handy with reliable connection from network to each one of the fuel dispensers, EMV complaint. This result is just amazing and attracts Kroger to start working with this team now.

Seamless integrated services:

Other than the points mentioned, AvaLAN is able to integrate wireless connection seamlessly. It further helps in securing the managed Ethernet switch right from fuel dispenser to in store network. The dispensers will receive exactly wire like solutions. It is rather interesting to start working with the Kroger team for combining reliability, power and security of the aid AvaLAN platform into the unique footprint of Kroger with tremendous opportunity to assist in working with some growing challenges of the POS market and fuel center, with 2020 EMV deadline knocking at your door. So, Kroger is right to make this decision of joining with AvaLAN.

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