Growing plants using the hydroponics Systems


Every one of us loves greenery. In order to have plants you require soil, air and water. Scientists have developed a new generation technique that does not require soil as medium for the growth. These plants are grown without any medium and the roots of the plants are suspended in air. This technology of growing plants is known as hydroponics Systems. There are different methods of growing plants in Hydroponics.

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Different methods of growing plants in hydroponics

  • Aeroponics system: This is the system of growing plants where the roots of the plants are suspended in air in the growth chamber. The roots suspended in air provide rich content of oxygen to the plant which provides faster growth of the plants. These plants suspended in air are provided with water and nutrients for growth. This system comes with all needed supply for the better growth of the plants.
  • Deep water culture: In this system of hydroponics, the plants are grown in the deep water with high oxygen and nutrient content .The roots of the plants are suspended in deep water. Air pumps are used to provide oxygen to the nutrient solution which does not allow the roots to drown in the water. This system uses plastic bucket as its base and netted pot is used to hold the plant.

All these hydroponics systems use artificial light for the growth of the plant. These artificial sources of lights have changed from fluorescent high pressure sodium to led grow lights. The concept of changing the source of light depends upon the simple concept of light. The output of the source of light is heat and light energy. The products which are being used for light should emit more light than heat. Hence, any source which emits more heat will emit less light. Hence, the LED is the obvious choice which emits more light and less heat.

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