Experience the all new world of photography with best quality drones


Till now remote controlled helicopters were meant for fun and racing with friends, but now they are used for a number of civilian purposes like for photography, shooting, getting secretive information and many more. These helicopters have a number of features in them like GPS system, high definition cameras etc. In fact, most of the times they are often termed as drones or Quad copter and are in great demand these days. Different types of quadcopters are available in the market out of which MJX Bugs 3 is getting very famous due to the features it has. This model is something that every drone lover should have; it looks very elegant and attractive.

Common features of quadcopters

Most of the quadcopters have four rotors in them and have two fixed pairs of identical pitched propellers out of which two rotate clockwise while other two anticlockwise. All the propellers have their own individual speed and take help of rotors in order to achieve proper balance and control. quadcopters are quite different from typical remote controlled helicopters and they have many advanced features in them. Following are some of the common features that you will find in all models of Quadcopters:

  • Brushless motors
  • High temperature resistance
  • Two way communication system
  • Weak signal alarm
  • Speed maintaining switch
  • High capacity battery
  • Availability of color options
  • Bright and cool LED lights
  • Well equipped camera holder
  • Anti shock system
  • Gyro system for sensors

Numbers of quadcopters models are available in the market and there are a number of online sites also from where you can buy it, RC quadcopters are one among others. Here you will find all models and most importantly at affordable price structure.

GPS quadcopters and drones

They are the most advanced model and are getting so popular that people are doing advance booking for it. Although, they are quite expensive in comparison to other models but they offer higher end technology that has taken technology to next level. They come with high quality cameras and are capable of recording 4K videos. They also have advanced and expensive navigation system and components including GPS and vision positioning. They are so versatile that they can even connect with user’s tablets and smart phones to play online and streaming videos into big screen. They are more focused and are capable of having high quality footage. In fact, many popular brands are coming up these models.

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