Enjoy Glass for the Clearest Pleasure in Smoking


Some three thousand years ago, the basic technique of creating glass was perfected in Egypt, Rome, and Persia, according to History of Glass. The technique remains much the same today. The basic ingredient is pure silica, which is commonly found in sand. Additional ingredients are often added to aid in strengthening the glass and lowering the very high melting point of silica. So now you know. Put that in your glass pipe and smoke it!

The Attraction is Elemental

Nowadays, the glass that we enjoy, from our drinking wear to our glass bongs, chillums, beakers and glass blunts is about 70% pure silica. So, what are the other ingredients that make up the beauty that is glass? These include sodium carbonate, lime, barium, iron, and aluminum, magnesium, lanthanum, boron, and lead oxides. When you look at the beauty of, say, a Beaker Base with Cube Perc, you should respect what went into the creation of such an outstanding piece of practical art. As was said in Breaking Bad, “It’s just chemistry here.”

Glass is Clearly a Thing of Beauty

Glass is celebrated for its timeless beauty. The ability to craft glass into supple, smooth, sensual works of art is the gift of the consummate visionary and artisan. From the magnificent windows of the great Cathedrals to the bottle that holds your favorite vintage of wine, to the perfect water pipe, glass is unique in its delicacy and its strength.

Glass is Smoothly Edgy

There is something edgy about the nature of glass. Glass lives on the edge between solid and liquid. Between art and object. You are aware of the majesty and history of great works made of glass, and that impacts the respectful yet playful way that you handle them. Note that you handle glass the way that you do your lover: with excited admiration and appreciation.

Respect glass’ sleek, ergonomically elegant lines; the way that light interacts with glass to bring out its clarity or colors; the way that everything tastes better from a glass.

The Things that You Treasure

The good folks at GlassHeads Wholesale understand and respect the works of art that are crafted from glass. They clearly see that glass is the way to go to get your finest smoking pleasure.

Honoring Our History

Whether you choose the ZELUS – Amber Drips Premium Faberge Egg Style Vapor Rig, the KRATOS – Triple Stacked Inverted Showerhead Perc Fat Can, the TRIDENT – Three Pronged 18mm Dropdown Adapter, or the THESEUS – Spoon x Bubbler Hybrid Hand Pipe, you can see that these delightful names honor to the gods.

All respect and tribute shall be rightfully paid to the POSEIDON – Triple Chamber Inverted Showerhead Monster Can! Named in honor of the goddess of love, submit to the tender ministrations of the APHRODITE by Sesh Supply- Dual Propeller Perc Fab Water Pipe! Really, you’re going to love it!

Go with glass to enjoy clearly superior smoking pleasure; it will take you to Olympian heights of delight.

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