Emoji Marketing: Why Smileys Conquer the World


On July 17th was World Emoji Day – so far it is already. The emojis have conquered the world! Don’t surprise anyone who knows that 95% of all Internet users have ever used an emoji. Since they were invented, emojis are becoming more popular.

Every day, 6 billion emoticons (emojis) are sent worldwide, all by cellphone alone. Invented was the original Emoji, the Smiley, 1982 by computer science professor Scott Fahlma. The key combination was used by him for quite pragmatic reasons. In the digital university forum, he wanted to make it possible to differentiate serious from humorous contributions better.

A Language for Everyone

A few years later, the Japanese Shigetaka Kurita then developed a vision. He wanted everyone to communicate through a universal language. Btw: Emojis is Japanese and stands for figurative or pictogram. Kurita developed 176 emojis that are the basis of our current emojis designs. This should prove what relevance emojis have for marketing in the meantime.

Customer Loyalty Through Emojis

According to an article, mobile engagement and long-term customer loyalty can be significantly improved by emojis. According to an American study, a test run at a women’s fashion supplier showed that the opening rate of the newsletter was 81% higher when emojis were used in the subject. Furthermore, the following points were found in the study:

  • More and more Emojis: The news with at least one emoji has doubled compared to last year.
  • Increasing the Opening Rate: If there is an emoji in the subject line of an e-mail, it will be opened much more frequently (increase by 66%).
  • Success also on Mobile: With push messages, the use of emojis in the subject increases the opening rate by 254%.
  • Emojis in Apps: Emojis will uninstall apps much less frequently (26% lower rate).
  • Danger Due to Misinterpretations: Beware! Caution is also required. Because the use of emojis often leads to misinterpretations.

Emoji: Folded Hands

According to Emojipedia, four interpretations are conceivable for this figure: There are users who use this as “High Five Emoji.” In the cultural space of Japan, it is used to say “please” or “thank you.” Another interpretation is that the folded hands are sent as a symbol for prayer.

Take Advantage of Emoji Marketing

My Tip: Stay true to the classics, because there are the fewest misinterpretations. Even in Instagram, emojis can be used to show feelings about a photo; however, though, it is best to buy Instagram likes cheap for your updates to have more engagements, this will up your marketing game.

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