Do Websites Really Need Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing is considered a useless tool. Let’s explore some reasons if your company really needs it.

Strategic goals

Every company needs to plan goals to gain new customers. They also have to build deeper relationships with existing customers.  

Know your online market share

The demand customer has for online services needs to be researched. You need to know your online market place. One needs to study customer profile and behaviour.

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Competitors will gain market shares

If you will not focus on digital marketing, if you don’t have clearly defined strategies, then soon your competitors will capture your market.

Value proposition

A powerful online customer value proposition is needed. It will differentiate your online service. It encourages existing and new customers to stay loyal.

Know your online customers

It is an accepted fact that digital is the “most measureable medium ever”. But only the volume of visitors can be measured. To understand the sentiments of visitors website user feedback tools are needed. They will help you identify your weak points and take necessary actions.

Digital often falls short on people/budget

A specialist would have a complete knowledge of e-marketing skills. Thus the resource will be utilised intelligently. Moreover, competitive threats would be reduced.

Waste money with duplication

The larger companies have sufficient resources. Different parts of marketing organization purchase different tools or use different agencies for similar tasks. It is better to use one agency and avoid duplication and save money.

Need to optimize

Every company with a website will have analytics. Senior managers often neglect that their teams make or have time to review and act on them. Once you get the basics right, you can focus on the progress of the key aspects like social media marketing.

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