All You Should Know About Xiaomi Mi 6


It took seven years for even the best professionals of Xiaomi to come up with this exclusive model. It is a perfect example of a well-done job. Xiaomi Mi 6 is the ultimate flagship phone with an attachment of affordability. Even though surprising, the model consists of a five-inch screen in a curved glass and metal body with premium features like that of a dual camera, Snapdragon 835, and much more. This phone is a combination of every possible trending feature in today’s market and is said to be stepping a lot of flagship toes in the recent future.


The architecture comprises of a 3D glass structure with a frame made up of stainless steel; the edges of which are curved and waterproof. The model screen is a 5.15” LCD display with a resolution of 1080p along with HDR video support. With the latest Android operating system of version 7.1.1 Nougat and the Snapdragon 835 chipset with octa-core Kyro 280 CPU; Mi 6 is one of the fastest devices with Adreno 540 GPU and a memory storage of 6GB. The dual 12MP Sony IMX386 camera and the front-facing 8MP selfie camera come with all the possible effects that can be found in a mid-grade DSLR camera. The built-in storage of 64GB/128GB cuts down the requirement to use an external SD card. A dual-sim slot and all wide ranges of connectivity options, make it the most user-friendly set in today’s time. The audio system, excellent battery capacity, fingerprint sensor, and stereo speakers just add on to make this phone one of the most compatible one for one and all.


The exclusive 1080p screen resolution of Xiaomi Mi 6 falls short of the basic flagship standards. Even though an adapter is included, the absence of a 3.5mm audio jack concerns a lot of people. The set is not fully waterproof, but just resistant of splashes. Although the internal storage space is sufficient, there is no availability of a micro SD slot. The model is hardly available in the market at times of need.


The 6th generation model comes packed with all the best features making Mi 6 competent with the other sets in today’s market. Xiaomi has done an excellent job to redefine the design of the Mi series with this model. The shortcomings present, are also seen in the case of the Apple devices. So if they can get away with it, Xiaomi Mi 6 also can.

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